Con Tags

For each convention, I have a serialized tag with an image that I wear for each convention. The numbers started appearing on the badges with badge No. 004 (Furlandia 2016). The tags are made for attending conventions, not for the occasional meetups or events.

No. 006: Biggest Little Fur Con 2017

I dressed in beachwear and made this theme for BLFC 2017. This is a scanned copy as the original was either lost or not saved.

No. 005: Furlandia 2017

Furlandia 2017 was not a planned event, but a last-minute decision as it is a local convention. No tag was created for Furlandia 2017.

No. 004: Furlandia 2016

A reflection shot that I took at BLFC 2016, which then would be used for Furlandia 2016. BLFC 2016 was held in mid May.

No. 003: Biggest Little Fur Con 2016

This image was taken by Thrash at The Pool Party 2016 at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

No. 002: Rainfurrest 2015

Shutter Wolf fursuit version 1 debuts at Rainfurrest 2015. The 2015 convention would eventually be the final Rainfurrest convention. In 2016, the convention cancelled then disbanded in 2017.

No. 001: Furlandia 2015

My first furry convention as Shutter Wolf. This is an interesting mix of wolf and cheetah, known as “cholf.”

Note: Furlandia 2013 and Rainfurrest 2013 were conventions attended prior to creation of Shutter Wolf.