About Version 2 Fursuit Build

I have suspended the build of my Version 2 fursuit indefinitely.

Back in November 2017, I started building my version 2 fursuit. I have made it as far as completing the tail, redoing the hand paws, and started building the foam head base.

Over the Christmas week, I set some new goals for 2018. Those goals are to improve on my photography, writing, personal improvements, and employment goals. To be better at my goals, I need to practice more. The fursuit build, unfortunately, takes a significant amount of time away from working on my goals. That is when I decided to suspend my fursuit build indefinitely.

Fursuiting is not meant for everyone. It is also not a requirement to be part of the fandom. It is my personal choice for myself that I have not made my fursuit and fursuiting a high priority.

Fursuit or not, I am still Shutter Wolf and I am still part of this fuzzy fandom. I feel happier looking through the lens, as I was meant to do.

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