Shutter Wolf Version 2 Fursuit Build Launches

A test eye is built for the Shutter Wolf version 2 fursuit.

Shutter Wolf version 2 fursuit build launched today and it will be a project to experience. Unlike Version 1 that was commissioned, Version 2 will be built entirely by me, which will give me the opportunity to experience what it takes to build a fursuit.

Version 2 will have some changes to the design from Version 1. The head will be redesigned to look less toony and more modest and down to earth. A test eye built today was to test the appearance and the tools and materials. It was also used to test the new mesh which improves vision when photographing as I will be photographing while in fursuit. Eyebrows will be added.

The body suit will not appear much different from Version 1 that was heavily damaged last May when it took a trip into fursuit hell known as the dryer. There may be some additional reinforcements in some areas as photography does require various movements. The tail will be redesigned to be slightly smaller.

The hand paws will definitely be redesigned and specially equipped to allow “human finger” protrusion for working the camera. Paw pads will be made of vinyl and filled with foam for a more realistic appearance. It will not be as shaggy as Version 1.

Footpaws will be smaller that that of Version 1. Like the handpaws, footpaws will also have paw pads. Special sandles will be made to attach for wearing outdoors or on convention floor.

I’m not sure when the suit will be completed, however I hope to have it completed by mid-winter.