7-Day Photo Challenge

For the past week I went for the 7-Day photo challenge on Twitter.

The rules: 7 days. 7 B&W photos of my life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each post. 

I’ll keep to the rules and share you the photos without explanation. Enjoy.

Day 1 Challenge (above): @RKDxNT3000

Day 2 Challenge: @blackdragoon01

Day 3 Challenge:@tmaxxnc

Day 4 Challenge:@Bloodewulf

Day 5 Challenge:@ScarfyConly

Day 6 Challenge:@LagunaShep

Day 7 Challenge:@Rukario71

Personally, I found this challenge to be quite fun and creative. This challenge inspires creativity with a simple camera. Whether you want to take on your own challenge or just shoot a photo to post, challenge yourself in photography!

You can also check out the 7 Day Photo Challenge in my Twitter Moments.