Statement Regarding RCTheFox

This morning, I learned the stunning and disappointing news that charges against RCTheFox (Twitter @RCTheFox) for allegations of viewing or downloading child pornography. 

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has filed charges on August 31, 2017, against RCTheFox (real name Carl Richard Kirkwood of Aliquippa, PA) for 20 counts of Disseminating Photos or Film of Child Sex Acts, 1 count of Child Pornography, and 1 count of Criminal Use of Communications Facility.

In the American justice system, suspects charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. At the time of this statement, RCTheFox has not been tried and convicted in the court of law. I am greatly disappointed that RCTheFox has had these charges brought to him. My judgement to him will be based on the court’s conviction. I must allow due process take its course.

Consider the nature of these high crimes and number of the charges, I have made the decision to remove all of my art work and photography featuring RCTheFox for website operational and moral reasons. Child pornography, how I view it, is an unforgivable offense. I have no tolerance for it.

In June 2017, I met RCTheFox at Biggest Little Fur Con for about 10 minutes and I took some photos. He was also featured in one of my art, “Checking Twitter” as a user in the timeline. We were also mutual followers on Twitter, but we had not engaged frequently.