Starting a New Slate

Big Splash Pool Party at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. February 6, 2016.

I am starting a new slate for both this website and Twitter. Last week, I did the same for two other websites and Twitter accounts that I run, so the reboot is not specific to Most of the reason had to do with the website inner workings with my web hosting.

There were problems with the website theme and photo gallery. The problem had to do with images. What most people don’t know is “unlimited” server space is impossible. The reality is that many web hosts have a limit on inode, which is one file content or directory.

The previous theme would generate five different file sizes. The gallery generated eight different photo sizes. Plus, this site is shared on the same host as my other two sites. When having three WordPress applications, photo galleries, and themes, I was hitting up to 30,000 inodes. My hosting has a soft limit of 50,000 and hard limit of 200,000 inodes.

You may notice the photos, art, and past posts gone. Don’t worry, I will try to revive the photo gallery and images, and redo the posts, if possible.

As for Twitter, I gave that a reboot, too. I am changing the way I manage my social media going on from this point forward.