‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’

Sometimes, spending a few moments with a subject in action can lead to an interesting photograph.

At Biggest little Fur Con 2017, I hung around in the play area, observing a cheetah fursuiter stacking boxes that were made to look like skyscrapers. As the cheetah rattled the boxes, one of the boxes with a red plush dice started toppling over.

This was a scene were I just stood off to the side and observed as the cheetah just freely did its own thing. I shot a series of frames. Here, we see the cheetah curiously shaking the skyscraper. The top box and the dice are toppling over. The blurring on the outer edge of the box and the dice shows movement, thankfully while shooting at f/2.8 at 1/40 second. The one observer wearing a red shirt in the background who apparently is amused with what is going on, adds a good element.

The cheetah interacting with the object, leading to an impending mishap, makes this shot one of my personal favorites. I personally favor action shots over conventional pose shots we see often.

I posted this image on my Twitter (@Shutterwolf) on June 9, 2017, and gave it the simple caption: “Curiosity killed the cat. #FursuitFriday #BLFC17.” To date, the image has received over 100 retweets and over 500 likes.