Gift Badge by Yu Puffin

I was very delighted waking up Monday morning to find a surprise gift badge for me from Yu Puffin! I love the look, the style, and the work that was done on this brown floof’s badge. I greatly appreciate it and so many thank yous to Yu Puffin for creating and giving me this gift!

I love it!

Some of you might recognize Yu, a blue, violet, teal, and white tufted puffin in some of my photographs at Furlandia 2016 and 2017. Yu won second place in the Furlandia 2017 Full Suit dance competition.

Yu Puffin (Shutter Wolf /

Yu does art commissions. To check on commission details and status, go visit Yu Puffin’s Furaffinity Page and get some art from this wonderful, talented tufted puffin!

Credits: Badge: Yu Puffin. Photo: Shutter Wolf.