Movie Talk: ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ (2007)

Apparently there are three versions of director Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”: the theatrical cut in 1982, the director’s cut in 1990, and the final cut in 2007. There are minor differences between the version, but the story is relatively the same. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner in the future setting assigned to “retire” four Replicants who stole a ship and returned to find their creator. “The Final Cut” is the same scenes and cast as the original 1982 theatrical release with some restoration work and enhancements to the special effects. The costuming, setting, and makeup is realistic, even for 1982 when movie production has placed strong emphasis on practical effects. “Blade Runner” is packed with action and thrilling. I loved it for it’s great story and cinematography.

I rate “Blade Runner” 8.5 out of 10.