Notorious for Being Photobombed?

Furlandia 2017
Furlandia 2017 (Shutter Wolf/

I’m not sure who this critter is. It has appeared in my photo for the second time now at a different Furlandia convention. In both cases, it appears that this brown floof has been photobombed twice in two different years. Making it more fascinating is how both the photobombers are leaning and peeking over the subject’s right shoulder.

The above image was taken at Furlandia 2017. The below image was taken at Furlandia 2015.

Furlandia 2015
Furlandia 2015 (Shutter Wolf/

Nailing nearly the same shot composition with the same subject over a couple of years is rare, but it does happen.

Board Games

Medium framing action shots are one of my favorite styles of photography. At Biggest Little Fur Con 2017, I captured this fursuiter, whose badge name reads “Robocop,” checking out a board game in the game area.

This shot is one of my favorites, because it shows the suiter curiously checking out a board game while not making direct eye contact with the camera. The horizontal “landscape” format is my preferred framing for action scenes, whereas I like to use vertical “portrait” for its namesake–portraits. I stepped back to have the framing go medium, so there is some establishment.

Unfortunately, at BLFC 2017, I shot mostly at f/2.8 with a slow shutter speed, typically between 1/30 and 1/60th of a second, which made much of my images a little soft.

‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’

Sometimes, spending a few moments with a subject in action can lead to an interesting photograph.

At Biggest little Fur Con 2017, I hung around in the play area, observing a cheetah fursuiter stacking boxes that were made to look like skyscrapers. As the cheetah rattled the boxes, one of the boxes with a red plush dice started toppling over.

This was a scene were I just stood off to the side and observed as the cheetah just freely did its own thing. I shot a series of frames. Here, we see the cheetah curiously shaking the skyscraper. The top box and the dice are toppling over. The blurring on the outer edge of the box and the dice shows movement, thankfully while shooting at f/2.8 at 1/40 second. The one observer wearing a red shirt in the background who apparently is amused with what is going on, adds a good element.

The cheetah interacting with the object, leading to an impending mishap, makes this shot one of my personal favorites. I personally favor action shots over conventional pose shots we see often.

I posted this image on my Twitter (@Shutterwolf) on June 9, 2017, and gave it the simple caption: “Curiosity killed the cat. #FursuitFriday #BLFC17.” To date, the image has received over 100 retweets and over 500 likes.

Gift Badge by Yu Puffin

I was very delighted waking up Monday morning to find a surprise gift badge for me from Yu Puffin! I love the look, the style, and the work that was done on this brown floof’s badge. I greatly appreciate it and so many thank yous to Yu Puffin for creating and giving me this gift!

I love it!

Some of you might recognize Yu, a blue, violet, teal, and white tufted puffin in some of my photographs at Furlandia 2016 and 2017. Yu won second place in the Furlandia 2017 Full Suit dance competition.

Yu Puffin (Shutter Wolf /

Yu does art commissions. To check on commission details and status, go visit Yu Puffin’s Furaffinity Page and get some art from this wonderful, talented tufted puffin!

Credits: Badge: Yu Puffin. Photo: Shutter Wolf.